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While down in G.A. for Christmas, the husband and I stopped in for lunch at FARM BURGER in Dunwoody.  They offer grass-fed beef and hormone free meat and produce from local farms.  While their fries are not gluten free (fried in same oil as non gluten free items), they do offer gluten free buns!

You had me at grass-fed!

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FARM BURGER provides a fun, casual dining experience and even has an ice cream bar!

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You can sit at a table or at the food bar to get in on all of the action.

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Even though they specialize in grass-fed beef, I opted for a chicken burger (I know, why?!) I had eaten a lot of beef that week, ok!?  They offer specialty burgers on their menu but I decided to build my own.  I ordered a chicken burger on a gluten free bun with sauteed mushrooms, garlic and wait for it…goat cheese.

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Unlike many gluten free buns, their bun did not get soggy or fall apart on me! I was impressed.  My chicken was moist, yet had a crispy sear on the outside.  And you can’t go wrong with mushrooms and goat cheese.  I could live off of goat cheese.

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We loved our burgers and will most definitely return again.  FARM BURGER also has locations in Decatur and Buckhead as well as Asheville, NC.

Finding restaurants that serve grass-fed/hormone and antibiotic free meat is such rarity these days, so I give this place a solid 10!



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