Gluten Free iPhone Apps

Since I began eating gluten free, having an iPhone that has gluten free Apps has been a life saver.  I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you! And bonus, they’re free!



ShopWell is actually a super fun App! You just take your handy dandy iPhone out, go to the  ShopWell “scan” option, and you can scan the barcode of any food to see if it contains certain ingredients such as gluten, soy, dairy, etc.

You just download the App, plug in all your allergy info., then start scanning! It can find the majority of name brands out there, but if it’s an obscure brand, I wouldn’t count on pulling it up.  The husband laughs at me when we go on road trips because we’ll go into gas stations and I’ll whip out my scanner just to see what certain popular snacks have gluten in them.  We usually try to plan ahead on trips and bring snacks, but sometimes it doesn’t always work out that way.

Another cool thing you can do with this App is search for specific brands and food items to see if they contain what you’re allergic to.  There are many other things you can do with this App, but those are the most helpful things to me.



This is another great App for road trips or for finding local restaurants that have gluten free menus or are “gluten free friendly.”  You can search for restaurants by using the “local” option or by searching for a specific address.  It has common restaurant chains and local restaurants that cater to gluten free diets.  We also use this App on road trips when we need to stop for a quick bite to eat! This makes picking a restaurant a lot more simple for me and the husband.  Less fighting, faster eating!



This App has a massive list of ingredients, with some uncommon ones like Acetophenone and Crospovidone (say what?!), to some more common ingredients like Agave or Buckwheat.  It’s alphabetized and the gluten free ingredients are green while the ingredients containing gluten are red. Easy peasy! I love this for the more uncommon ingredients, since you’ll most likely have no idea what they are!

Like I said, these are all FREE, so what’s stopping you!?

Stay tuned for my recent dining experience eating gluten free at Cantina1511.



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